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Weeding Caprice
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The early morning, the sun has just exposed shy smile, Kevin led the Group of all party members at a branch under the leadership of hand hoes, sickles, broom and other tools to work towards the village build a park.

     Weeds from the park of Health, it is to be a poem: not the wild fire in spring of Health. Weeds, the fact that so exuberant vitality, which with its living environment, persistent perseverance are inseparable. This is also connected with the establishment of the Communist Party of the situation just the same as Chairman Mao with an "A single spark can start a prairie fire" to sum up the spirit of the Communist Party and perseverance. The same greenhouse in the wild grass by the continuation of future generations will never the same, the fight against wind and rain and the indomitable spirit of the disparities. Lenovo to the current businesses, are suffering from the financial crisis, the invasion of this hurricane, how to usher in the fight against wind and rain rainbow after the rain as soon as possible so that it is now the key issues facing enterprises. All the party members and cadres to work in the enterprise of their respective party members how to play an exemplary role in helping businesses through difficult times as soon as possible during this period as each party's responsibilities and obligations. Through weeding, and see some places where only grass weeds without breeding, which gives us a deep insight into the party members and cadres of this tenacious weed vitality, as well as in any difficult circumstances than the artificial breeding of grass can grow and thrive, it has a deep deeply moral of our party members and cadres in the enterprise regardless of what positions and what the environment should thrive for enterprises to play their respective strong points and the courage to take responsibility, pioneering, innovative, positive and enterprising.

     Today, we have to make parks more clean, beautiful, all party members and cadres to use all available tools to eradicate weeds exhausted. Tomorrow, we are more brilliant for business, all the cadres and staff to use all available resources based on their own work and take off again for the group building blocks. (Attached photo)

Date:2011-05-10 13:24
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