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Talent strategy: the best people to achieve the objectives of the cornerstone of corporate strategy, is the driving force for sustainable development. Company to the scientific training methods. Effective incentive mechanism. Platform for fair competition. The cause of the vast room for development Yangjae wide, so that everyone can be Kevin groups are fully reflected in the group of self-worth to personal career planning and business development goals fit the largest, employees and businesses grow.
Employing principles: make the best use of only the best possible use, cultural management

Talent Concept: the company promoted the idea that "people-oriented" spirit of enterprise, pay attention to character and ability of employees, requiring employees to have the professionalism and the ability to develop, a strong sense of dedication and sense of responsibility, awareness of modern management capacity, promote team spirit. Company to the management of scientific requirements to provide staff with a good working environment and development platform, "to the cultural pool of talents in order to pay personnel incentives to retain qualified personnel mechanism, expands the pool of talents to the cause of" the concept of the realization of the talents of employees and the common development of enterprises and progress.
Job: Employment magnet salesman asked Kevin English 6, Workshop Recruitment & P workers
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