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Corporate Culture

Enterprise idea
Any enterprise to obtain and maintain a leading position in the industry, the most important is to determine the enterprise's mission, to know the direction of the company's progress. Equally important is that business employees recognize the same basic values, we strive to work under the same impetus, and constantly improve the skills, better and more efficient for customer service.
In order to fulfill their responsibilities, establish the vision, mission, strategy and core value of the enterprise. These are the essence of our culture - it summarizes our moral character and the values we represent. Kevin's every employee is subject to its constraints, and with practical action to carry forward.
Vision: to improve the quality of industrial products, the revitalization of the national industry
Mission: to provide close to the customer demand the world first-class industrial products and services; lay leadership position in the industry and maintain their profit growth, to meet customer demand, improve staff quality, so that all levels to achieve maximum optimization.
Strategy: to the quality and credibility of the wing, continuous innovation, steady development demand, the pursuit of excellence, creating core competitiveness
Core value
"Moral" in have "way of life, a life of two, two three, Sansheng things", this sentence also well explains Kevin's corporate governance philosophy. Enterprise's philosophy is "Tao", "serious and strict, sincere cooperation, the pursuit of excellence" three core values for the survival and development of enterprises "all things". Kevin people treat their work seriously and strictly, treat customers integrity and cooperation, and always adhere to the outstanding personality and products, and strive to improve the quality of industrial products, the revitalization of the national industry and make unremitting efforts.
Strict strict
We firmly believe that the company and employees interests are at stake, all employees are the valuable wealth of the company, is the company's strength lies. We are all a part of the company, to be its own, for the company's vision, a strong sense of identity and sense of mission, all action to focus on the company's fundamental interests. Each of us accepts and assumes responsibility for achieving company goals, improving the operation of the company, and helping others to improve their job performance. We are all leaders in their respective responsibilities, to assume responsibility for the leadership responsibilities of the job. We have a clear understanding of the objectives of the work, by focusing on the overall situation, focus on resources, and constantly improve their own quality to achieve the company's strategic objectives.
Cooperation in good faith
We take a serious attitude to do the right thing, advocating open and direct communication, to treat people, to keep their promises, to abide by the discipline. We are taking every action, make every decision, adhere to the company's values and principles. We persist in seeking truth from facts, speak with facts and data, and correctly estimate and recognize risks. We respect others and treat others in a way that we want to be treated. We trust each other with their own abilities and intentions, and fully authorized. We believe, trust each other can have the best performance. We support and cooperate with each other to share knowledge, information and technology; to resolve conflicts, adhere to win-win strategy; share responsibility and achievement; actively participate in, have a clear team goal.
Pursuit of excellence
Our goal is to quantify, pay attention to results and lead to results. We take responsibility and be responsible for the results, and strive to make the best of the most important things. We have a strong desire to actively strive for success, and constantly improve the level of performance, to win the market. We pursue a high degree of specialization, quality standards in all aspects of One principle runs through it all. does not accept mediocre performance. We pursue the perfect concept, in the details of the difference, take a step. We strive for self - management and self - management. We have the courage to take risks, to challenge the authority, to innovate, to seek a breakthrough. We focus on self perfection, advocating learning anytime, anywhere. We are willing to share knowledge and ideas, success and failure, opportunity and development.

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