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Japan to obtain compound of rare earth anisotropic bonded ma
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     Japan's Aichi Steel Corporation has developed a complex of rare earth anisotropic bonded magnet and the magnet manufacturing methods, and has obtained patents for inventions. 

     Detailed description of the patent in such a magnet, the average particle size and composition of the composition, magnetic activator from the surface coated with low-cobalt rare-earth d-HDDR coarse powder, the surface coated with another active agent, as well as resin-bonded rare-earth magnetic thin Agent of three parts. Surrounded by resin as a buffer in the low cobalt rare-earth magnetic powder of the d-HDDR rough outside the small rare-earth magnetic powder being evenly distributed in the resin. While this invention of low-Co rare-earth magnetic powder Yi d-HDDR coarse fragmentation, thereby causing oxidation, but the magnets have high magnetic properties and excellent thermal performance.

Date:2011-05-11 13:30
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