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Product prices on the coordination of the views of magnetic
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       As the second half of 2003, China's capital goods rose by more than 50%, while raw materials up to 100%. If the price of iron scale from 400 yuan / ton rose to 800 yuan / ton, the price of cobalt from 20 yuan / ton rose to 600,000 yuan / ton, neodymium prices from 7 yuan / ton rose to 100,000 yuan / ton, the price of manganese oxide from 0.8 yuan / ton rose to 13,000 yuan / ton. The means of production and raw materials rises, so that the original profit is very thin (about 5-10%) of the magnetic material production enterprise in China overwhelmed, become an obstacle to industrial development in China's major problems magnetic material. 
       Magnetic products in China in order to coordinate the price increases to overcome the factors that brought about the means of production and raw materials industry, the phenomenon of loss within the enterprise, the association on March 21, 2004 meeting of the Council held a five second on the magnetic material prices put forward the following views of the harmonization. 
1, called for the whole industry to curb disorderly competition in the market as opposed to two to enter the market at the expense of profits, resulting in industry-wide price drop of the bad behavior. 
2, all enterprises should further strengthen the scientific and technological innovation efforts, technology competes for market share, not confined to narrow price competition. 
3, the face of current difficulties, all enterprises should further tap the potential and energy conservation, reduce product cost. 
4, hoping applied magnetic magnetic material production enterprise customers to understand the difficulties and consult one another on price differences appear to give upside magnetic materials at affordable prices. 

National Magnetic Materials and Devices Industry Association

Date:2011-05-11 13:28
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