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Recognition of energy-saving advanced
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T he morning of June 4, Zhejiang Kevin Magnet Co., Ltd. on time to participate in medium-sized conference room at City Hall by the municipal government organized the annual energy-saving advanced enterprises in 2008 in recognition of the General Assembly. Chen Jun, Vice Mayor Lu Yi-feng Secretary for Economic and Trade Council and other leaders attended the meeting. Was on the 2008 model year the city's energy-saving enterprises and energy-saving advanced communications companies in recognition of our company received recognition as an energy-saving advanced enterprises. City with all the participating companies and then signed letters of responsibility for energy efficiency goals in 2009, while Urban Tourism Bureau, on behalf of the city Shenbei New towns Apeloa on behalf of their respective companies for energy-saving measures taken at the meeting were the exchange. Finally Mayor Chen made an important speech.

Date:2011-05-10 13:24
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